Friday, January 8, 2010

Asking Stanley

"But not a single lawmaker appers to have ventured one question about these dangerously disarming ROEs, which in Gen. McChrystal's controversial view, are key to the success of his 'counterinsurgency' strategy. What kind of a commander puts his forces' lives at risk for a historically unsuccessful theory that depends not on winning battles against enemies, but on winning the 'trust,' or as we used to say (and as Gen. David Petreus put in in Iraq), the 'hearts and minds' of a primitive people immersed in the anti-Western traditions of Islam. ... How long does Gen. McChrystal think troops can hold their fire and maintain healthy morale? And how about a progress report on the investigation into that deadly disaster at Ganjgal? Congress wasn't interested in any of these questions. ... Final question: Are such leaders, civilian and military, doing their duty when they send the nation to war with a strategy that totally ignores jihad, the war doctrine of the enemy", Diana West at Townhall, 12 December 2009, link:

Stanley is to warfighting as Zimbabwe Ben (ZB) is to central banking. No less an "expert" than Time said so. Time's 28 December 2009 issue has ZB as man of the year. Stanley was first runner-up. I kid you not.


Anonymous said...

McCrystal and Bernanke are doing big, complex things out of the public eye. They benefit from operating behind the curtain.

But their methods and events outside of their control will blow up sooner or later.

Time magazine? hahahaaa!

Joseph Moroco said...

Both wars are lost. They are conceptually stupid and are run by buffoons.