Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flying Foolishness

"As Phyllis Chester plaintively asks, 'Are we all going to be subjected to underwear checks before boarding our flights? If so, Al-Qaeda will soon secrete explosives in body cavities. Will we all be searched there as well?' In other words, because US security agencies refuse to take the sensible precaution of concentrating their resources on the small target pool of suspects, namely Muslims, about 1 percent of the population, hundreds of millions of passengers must bear the burden of extra cost, inconvenience, and loss of privacy", Daniel Pipes at Frontpagemagazine, 28 December 2009, link:

Body cavity searches? I've got it. The TSA should recruit registered sex offenders. They won't even need any training! They'll work for peanuts! The TSA is a joke, See my 16 December 2009 post: I now give "Him" a new name, Obamanero. Obama fiddles while the people burn.

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Anonymous said...

Oh too much IA!

I think the TSA is just a jobs program... all brawn and no brains.

Yes...let's racial profile for terrorists... it's common sense to narrow the focus to the traditional and regular enemy...