Friday, February 26, 2010

Cheap Gold?

"It took John Paulson months to convince investors that housing would crumble. Now it's taking him awhile to get them excited about gold, his latest passion. ... Some gold traders expected Mr. Paulson's new fund, launched Jan. 1, to raise billions of dollars and even help push gold higher when it started buying this year. That hasn't happened. Despite months of investor meetings, Mr. Paulson has raised $90 million or so for his new gold fund, according to people close to the matter. Even the $250 million that Mr. Paulson himself placed in the fund hasn't persuaded many investors to get on board", Gregory Zuckerman at the WSJ, 10 February 2010, link:

This is great news. Gold is cheap. Hold on Paulson.

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Anonymous said...

Does it take a little while for institutional money to move?

I'm thinking that the ramp hasn't really started yet...