Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crime and David Ricardo

"Yet the typical Los Angeles County [LAC] homicide isn't much at all like the glamorous murder mysteries seen on screen. Few killings take place in the Hollywood Hills or at the beach. Instead, homicides are concentrated in the vast urban plain south of Wilshire Boulevard. ... The good news: homicides in [LAC] have been declining. The bad news: the racial disparities in homicide victimization rates remain large, partly due to gang wars. ... Racial differences in crime rates are one of those fatcs that everybody is acutely aware of when looking for a place to live, but that you aren't supposed to discuss in print. To its great credit, the Homicide Report violates the media taboo on reporting ethnicity of victims and suspects. 'The Homicide Report departs from this rule in the interest of presenting the most complete and accurate demographic picture of who is dying in homicides in [LAC].' ... Although reporting on lesser crimes has improved due to the revolution in data-driven police department management introduced by William Bratton during his terms as chief of police in Boston, New York City, and LA, they are still open to inconsistency and manipulation. ... One way of getting around these various methodological problems in thinking about racial differences in crime: look closely at homicide victimization rates of 15-29 year-old males. This approach can seem unkind because it assumes there is some correlation between the odds of getting killed and the odds of causing trouble. But among young men, unfortunately, that assumption has some validity. ... Nationally, the ethnic gaps in crime probably aren't as huge as they are in [LAC]. ... Why are the racial disparities so bad in Southern California? ... The high cost of living, the poor public schools, and the low wages have driven out much of the white working class. The per capita income of white neighborhoods in [LAC] is more than twice that of Hispanic households", Steve Sailer at Vdare, 7 February 2010, link:

15-29 year-old African-American males by SS's calculation are 20.7 times as likely to be homicide victims in LAC as non-Hispanic whites. Nationally, the ratio is about 7 to 1. Of 1,257 such homicide victims since 2007, only 47 were non-Hispanic Caucasians, 380 were Black and 794 were Hispanic. LAC couldn't make enough homegrown criminals, so it had to "buy" them. Interesting. Apparently Mexico has a comparative advantage in creating murderers.

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