Friday, February 12, 2010

Fig Leaf Justice

"Corporations facing criminal prosecution could face reduced penalties if they meet standards for tackling white-collar crime at their companies, under chnages proposed by the US Sentencing Commission. Under the proposal, corporations could receive credit during sentencing if they have corporate compliance programs designed to combat white-collar crime. To qualify, a company's compliance officer must have direct access to the board of directors and be responsible for detecting criminal activity. ... The proposal, which the commission has released for public comment, would reduce fines and penalties even if company officers were involved in the criminal activity", Gary Fields at the WSJ, 29 January 2010, link:

Another joke. Another sales opportunity for "former" AUSAs consulting and compliance services to companies for very nice fees. I'm sure John Ashcroft favors this.


Anonymous said...

Can you say ridiculous?

Can you say revolving door?

Can you say "regulatory capture"?

Thai said...

Now this sounds like what has happened to medicine in a nutshell.

God help us all.