Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gifts for Zimbabwe Ben

"The Deal of the decade? Capitalist Pig Asset Management, a Chicago money manager is selling 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar bank notes for $7.99 on its Web site. ... Perhaps, a Zimbabwe note would be the investment for Ben Bernanke, as a reminder of how hard inflation can be to contain once the genie is out of the bottle", WSJ, 2 January 2010, link:

Don't encourage Zimbabwe Ben. If you send him one of these notes he'll think you're asking him to print 100 trillion US dollar notes. Why shouldn't we have such notes? Aren't we as financially enlightened as Zimbabwe?

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Anonymous said...


He just has them add a some new fields to the software code.

The "100 trillion dollar" line in the Great Federal Reserve Ledger Book.

ZimBen prints no money.

He simply conjures money.