Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paging General Stanley

"As strange as it seems, the [US] is fighting a war in Afghanistan, though Afghanistan is on the other side of the world, a landlocked country. Stranger still, American troops must trace their line of supply through territory controlled by enemies or potential enemies. This situation is unprecendented. Only an American general of the present generation would think it acceptable to deploy so many troops into a battle where they could be so easily cut off. Barack Obama ... went on to describe himself as a Christian sprung from generations of Muslims, without realizing the Muslim implications of this stated apostasy. ... Bush could not win over the Muslim world, and neither can President Obama. ... The logic of war is the logic of history. People want to kill you, so you must fight", my emphasis, Jeffrey Nyquist (JN) at Financial Sense, 4 January 2010, link:

It's simple, the UN's existence notwithstanding. I always believed our Afghanistan adventure a waste of blood and treasure. JN has classified information General Stanley does not, i.e., Afghanistan is landlocked.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Deficit Commission Chairmen Bowles and Simpson!

Please examine reducing our nations military expenditures for ridiculous things like the Afghan war since EVERYTHING IS ON THE TABLE!

The idea that we spend 100s of billions of dollars chasing the Taliban and a couple dozen al Quada is pathetic. Our actions in that place only demonstrates the influence of the military industrial complex.

We are following the path of the Russians.

We're broke.

Pres-O is increasingly the third term of GW Bush.