Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Saudi Arabia-World Hypocrite

"In one of the supreme acts of chutzpah of our new decade, Saudi Arabia [SA] has just accused Israel of behaving like a 'spoilt child,' getting away with 'war crimes' ... and 'violations of international law'. ... 'When they violate international law, other countries get punished, but not Israel ... Israel has become like the spoilt child of the international communtiy,' declared Saudi Foreign Minsiter Price Saud al-faisal at a meeting with Palestinian Acuthority President Mahmoud Abbas on Janaury 2. 'It ... gets away with anything it does without accountability or punishement,' he added. Orwellian Newspeak can only take hold if the population stops protesting when the language is misused. The Saudi minister's declaration easily qualifies as Newspeak, and I'm calling him on it. ... Every day, I bear witness to the extraordinary free speech in Israel. My students are Jewish, Druze, and Muslim. ... On the other hand, if there is a spoilt child in the international community, Saudi Arabia ... easily qualifies for the epithet ... [SA] is a primitive embarassment to the world", Michael Krauss at American Thinker, 5 January 2010, link:

15 of the 19 9/11 highjackers were Saudis. Why didn't we invade SA instead of Iraq and Afghanistan? What's going on here? Did you know a non-Moslem cannot go to SA to view the Hajj? Did you know only Moslems can be citizens of SA? That SA ended slavery in 1961? That SA executes Islamic apostates? Why not? SA's oil is more valuable to the world than Joo blood. That's the bottom line. Anthing else you've been fed is nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully GW Bush and Dick Cheney were the apogee of our slathering deference to the Saudis.

Pres-O's true opportunity to leave a legacy will be in green energy... I hope he succeeds.

Ubu said...

SA still has a virulent strain of slavery going on inside the kingdom; it exists behind closed doors and among the very rich. SA is not only the enemy of the United States, they are the enemy of scientific and cultural enlightenment. Give me 300 modern, nuclear power plants all across the US, a fleet of electric vehicles, and then tell the Saudis to eat their oil.

Thai said...

Maybe I should invite Yo over here? ;-)