Friday, April 30, 2010

Woodrow Wilson II

"But few have noted his interesting parallels with Woodron Wilson [WW]. Historical comparisons have their limits. But Wilson-Obama similarities abound, starting with both men's use of the label 'progressive.' Wilson was no 'community organizer,' but like Obama, he was an academic--among the most prominent political scientists of his day. ... Here the comparisons diverge: Wilson spends key years as president of Princeton, while Obama sojourns in the Illinois State Senate voting present. ... Both register reputations as orators. Both challenge highly regarded congressional front-runners in hotly-run contests for the nominations. Wilson bests House Speaker Champ Clark in 1912. Obama triumphs over Hillary Clinton. ... Both appoint high-profile secretaries of state: the aformentioned Clinton by Obama; the aging party warhorse William Jennings Bryan by Wilson. ... Wilson cherishes the Soth's Lost Cause and segregates federal offices. He praises D.W. Griffith's controversial Birth of a Nation as being 'like writing history and lightning.' Obama allies himself with black liberation theology advocate Jeremiah Wright. Only political necessity induces him to break with Wright. Nothing keeps him from embracing the execrable Al Sharpton. ... Both Wilson and Obama receive tumultuous receptions in Europe: Obama in his tumultuous pre-coronation visit to Berlin and Wilson in his unprecedents 1919 European tour. Tumultuous crowds greeted Wilson throughout Europe. ... Yet, there remains in Wilson--and resides in Obama--a strange academic coldness that stiff-arms natural foreign allies. ... In 1916 [WW] campaigned as the 'peace candidate.' Supporters praised him for keeping 'us out of war.' By April 1917, however, Wilson demanded that Congress declare war on Berlin. In 2008 Obama derided George Bush's Iraqi surge and vowed a quick exit from that nation. He not only remains in Iraq, reluctantly, he has implanted his own surge in Afghanistan. ... Rather than compromise, Wilson--and Obama, his fellow Noble Peace Prize laureate--attempted rather to orate their dreams into reality", David Petrusza at American Thinker, 31 March 2010, link:

I warned you. See my 14 September 2008 post: This post drew more flak than anything else I've written.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating analysis IA...

And so important for our country to understand if there are biases...


Independent Accountant said...


Speaking of Woordrow Wilson, here's a book suggestion for you: "Philip Dru, Administrator", by Earl Mandell House, 1912. House was Wilson's "alter ego".


the darkcloud said...

Nice one, IA.

I went back and read your 9/14/08 post. Excellent - with a HUGE laugh by me at the end RE: the half million men and Goldwater vote.

It was funny in '68, and still is.

Independent Accountant said...

I take no credit for the "500,000 men in Southeast Asia" comment. I heard it on the radio. Another old man, Jesse, of "Cafe Americain" remembered it too.