Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Even Bolton Wan't Say It

"Benjamin Netenyahu's first term as Israeli prime minister collapsed in 1999 in part because he had an unhappy relationship with President Bill Clinton. It is understandable then that Mr. Netenyahu's current government had, until last week, strived to stay close to President Barack Obama. ... But Mr. Obama is different. He is our first post-American president. He looks beyond American exceptionalism and believes our role on the world stage should be merely one nation among many. Mr. Netenyahu's strategy is therefore out-of-date and flawed. Israel has sought to accommodate Mr. Obama on two critical issues: negotiations with Palestinians and Iranian nuclear weapons. ... But now the suppressed conflicts and fully visible and will either be resolved or cause a serious collision between Israel and the US. ... Mr. Obama almost certainly believes that the real obstacle to peace is not new housing or unfortunate timing but so-called Israeli intransigence. ... As time passes, Israel's military option grows more difficult and the chances for succes shrink as Iran seeks new air-defense systems and further buries and hardens nuclear facilities. Mr. Netenyahu's mistake has been to assume that Mr. Obama basically agrees that we must prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. But the White House likely believes that a nuclear Iran, though undesirable, can be contained and will therfore not support using military force to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions. ... We are moving inexorably toward, and perhaps have now reached, and Israeli crisis with Mr. Obama. American's must realize that allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons is empowering an existential threat to the Israeli state, to Arab governments in the region that are friendly to the US, and to long-term global peace and security", my emphasis, John Bolton at the WSJ, 17 March 2010, link:

Obama, who Michael Beschless said has an "IQ off the charts", pushes his policy in the hope Iran destroys Israel. Once Israel ceases to exist all Middle Eastern problems will be solved. I believe Obama believes this. I can't believe double-Ivy League Obama is so stupid he doesn't see where his policies are leading.


Anonymous said...


Big problem looming.

Ubu said...

The reason BO will not permit his college transcripts to be released, is because he has a great deal to be modest about. He is a lightweight.

As for Israel and Iran, the US will not attack Iran, but we should have years ago; it was the single largest failing of the Bush administration. But now Israel must do it, and yes, the endgame is an exchange between Israel and Iran; Israel had better hit first or it will be gone forever. If necessary, Israel must use nuclear warheads to take out Iran's nuclear facilities promptly. Let the fallout go where it will; better to die standing up anyway.