Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LA's "Windfall"

"After a week of dire predictions, city officials here said an unexpected $26 million of new revenue will help stave off an immediate fiscal crisis, but serious longer-term financial problems remain. ... The city's budget deficit is expected to grow to $485 million in the coming fiscal year, which begins on July 1. ... 'In LA there are multiple centers of power with multiple priorities, and getting them to agree on one plan is an incredibly difficult process, which works better in the long term than when you're in a crisis,' says Fernando Guerra [FG], professor at Loyola Marymount University [LMU] in [LA]. 'In a crisis we need unitary power, but the city of [LA] doesn't have that'," Peter Sanders at the WSJ, 10 April 2010, link:

"Before he bacame mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa [AV] rose to power here as a union leader, organizing lawyers, teachers and secretaries. But with [LA] facing a $485 million budget crisis, Mayor [AV] is pressing for layoffs if union workers don't agree to wage cuts. That has pushed the old labor warrior to the other side of the picket line--and through the looking glass. ... The mayor's proposed budget for the next fiscal year, released earlier this week, calls for the elimination of more than 3,500 city jobs, affecting a range of city services, including pothole patching, libabry hours and park programs. ... The mayor's porposal has raised the ire of the unions, which represent more than 95% of the city's 37,000 workers. ... That sets the stage for what could be a protracted battle between the unions, the mayor's office and the City Council. ... 'He symbolized the growing power of unions and that link with unions and Latinos,' said [FG], a professor of political science at [LMU]. 'He was the symbol of the new LA: Latino, union, progressive'," Tamara Audi at the WSJ, 24 April 2010, link: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704830404575200752592646676.html.

Guerra, do you favor establishing a military dictatorship in LA? My idea: have LA get foreign aid from Mexico! LA's "crisis" to come was obvious at least 15 years ago. Like Greece, LA's problem is that it doesn't issue its own money. Today. Perhaps AV can make pesos legal tender in LA.

The new LA is like Obama's America in that the only place it has for Caucasians is to pay taxes. Locally, AV is known as "Mayor Reconquista". Why? Because he was a member of "La Raza", i.e., "The Race". Of course, AV isn't a member today.


Ubu said...

If all the non-Mexican minorities in the US want a taste of the future, there it is in LA; LA exists for the La Raza activists, illegals, public employee unions, and ubur-rich leftists who support the Mexican regime. LA is not for working class Asians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Israelis, Filipinos, and certainly not the blacks. Whitey was a cakewalk, you'll get nothing under the benevolent Mexicans, but the bite will be considerably deeper. And by the time the idiots figure out that the Mexicans support their tribe exclusively, it will be too late; 40 used muffler shops (mafia front stores) will be on every corner.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect set piece... former labor leader become mayor has to tackle fiscal problems... wasn't [AV] prominent with the Clintonites??? Surely they have some ideas for him?

Oh boy.

And the massive Hispanic population makes the issue more interesting.

Yes... foreign aid from Mexico... that is the ticket...

More and more problems for cities. LA is just the leading edge.