Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ObamaCare Accounting

"Earlier this week, House Democrats concluded that the deluge of corporate writedowns--amounting to $3.4 billion so far--were in fact the result of ObamaCare, not the nefarious conspiracy that the White House repeatedly cited when it was embarrased soon after the bill's passage. ... 'The companies acted properly and in accordance with accounting stndards in submitting filings to the SEC in March and April,' [staffers] write. ... The larger question is what motivated the White House to unleash the assault. Democrats were amply warned about the destructive consequences of these tax changes, and if they really thought these companies were acting out of political motives, then they didn't understand what was in their own bill. Or at least that's one possibility. More likely is that they did know and were simply trying to mislead the public in the early days of what was supposed to be the raptuous response to ObamaCare's passage", WSJ Editorial, 29 April 2010, link:

If the Democrats were serious, they should had the SEC look into these disclsoures. The Democrats were grandstanding.

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Anonymous said...

Politicians grandstanding?