Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taksei on NASA

"What speaks the most to me, becasue I once ran an endless 21-kilometer half-marathon, is that the Orion Nebula is 24 light years across and 1,344 +- 20 light years distant. ... These are numbers that can sit honorably at the same table and have a drink or two with the [US'] national debt, currently estimated at $115 trillion. Tying the Orion Nebula and Obama Nation together is also the vast canyon of dust that the latter is being transformed into under much hopeychangey hot gas. ... The nebulous hot gas bullets were piercing the clouds of credulity already in August of 2008, when Presidential candidate Barack Obama during a campaign rally with NASA workers criticized thre Bush Administration for inadequate support of NASA and promised to change that (more here). ... We do not know to what extent the BHO administration has tackled and contained this idiocy. On the other hand, we do know that NASA now has a black chief and a female deputy chief, so at least we started out with what really matters: racial and gender justice. ... The funds are simply not there when you have to provide medical insurance to several million citizens of Mexico, to continue the wealth transfer mirage of Fannie 'n' Freddy and to offer free college education for every possible moron with high self-esteem and low competence at the multiplication table", Takuan Seiyo at Gates of Vienna, 25 April 2010, link:

Here here Taksei. Your superior Wharton ways are coming through. I agree. The US pays Mexico tens of billions annually in "war reparations". Well Rev. Al., why don't you demand this stop and direct the reparations to your people.

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Anonymous said...

IA -- you should be in politics.

I sense an innate understanding of the true purpose of politics... "resource allocation"...

Soon we'll see a multi-party grudge match between Mexicans wanting social benefits, GSE bondholders, black reparation groups, municipal pensioners, our booming "retired" class, the military industrial complex and all the little odds and ends that have a claim at the public teat.

We'll the banks have already got their's... since they are the cleverest of the bunch they were in line first.

If we think of the promises made on the public weal as a "purse" it might look like a giant fancy Gucci bag... gold-plated hardware... but when you look in the purse... nuthin there!