Monday, June 21, 2010

Fed Newspeak

"The Federal Reserve Bank of New York [FRBNY] has come under pressure from Fed officials in Washington to improve the performance of its supervisors overseeing the nation's biggest banks, new documents show. ... 'Our review found some examples where supervisory products were not fully completed, and supervisory processes were not fully performed,' the review said, adding it also found 'that supervisory ratings were not always updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the evolving risk profile and financial condition of the organization.' ... As the Fed has emphasized, we need to learn lessons from the crisis. We recognized that improvements can and should be made. ... Despite the criticisms, Washington officials were also sympathetic to the [FRBNY], lauding it for the 'exceptional work' in responding to the financial crisis 'in an extraordiarily challenging and stressful environment.' ... The government's efforts to stem the crisis 'were, in the end, fundamentally inadequate,' Mr. Geithner said. ... Like Mr. Geithner, Mr. Paulson cited 'huge gaping holes in the regulator system' that made it difficult for regulators to address the financial crisis", Jon Hilsenrath & Fawn Johnson at the WSJ, 7 May 2010, link:

Wasn't Timmy Boy at the FRBNY a few years ago? Why believe he knows any more now than he did then? What would have been an adequate response? Giving the FRBNY the right to control monetary policy and print dollars?

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Anonymous said...

All those guys (Paulson/Geithner/Bernanke) want the "big bazooka" in their pocket... the bigger the better...

Pity that they can't be bothered reining in their Wall Street bankster friends... then they might not need the "big bazooka" in their pocket. Or wouldn't have to flood the globe with dollars.