Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Throws Temper Tantrum

"Just plug the damned hole! That, more or less, is the leadership and direction we are getting from our president as we grapple with the oil spill in the Gulf. What else should we expect from a socilaist theoretician who has never actually accomplished anything in his life? ... This is what happens when an academic finds himself in the position of actually having to get something done. Nothing written on a blackboard or recited from a textbook or lectured from a podium will plug the leak miles deep off Louisiana. Nothing in Barack Obama's background full of lectures and textbooks makes him fit for any job where getting things done is important. ... The professor has not a clue what to do. This stuff is hard. Well doggone! You mean if drilling five miles deep and than another mile below the mud on the bottom of the ocean is hard--then repairing a screw-up in the same location is hard to do, too? ... Now the professor child is upset about a spill in his little utopian sandbox. The child is whining and pointing fingers and demanding that someone fix it. It is eating into his playtime for shooting hoops and playing golf, and it is so much messier than theoretical issues. The problem is that the child has no clue how the sandbox was built or how the pristine sand got there", C. Edmund Wright at American Thinker, 29 May 2010, link:

Take the Bar and Beat Me, my 22 December 2007 post: http://skepticaltexascpa.blogspot.com/2007/12/us-injustice-system-at-work.html, describes Him.


Anonymous said...

Pres-O seems to think that a hands-off, cerebral approach to the challenges of this country will see us through...

But his endorsement of the military industrial complex that rules DC is driving us off a cliff.

The only hope for this nation is a wholesale turn from the old ways. Corporatist dominance of politics, financial services and economics will not renew jobs and fair wages.

It's nearly over for America and Pres-O is merely lip synching the final act.

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