Friday, June 11, 2010

Mark Faber's Positions

"Central banks will never tighten monetary policy again, merely, print, print, print. ... Americans must re-think what constitutes a safe asset. ... '[T]he Federal Reserve will keep interest rates at 0 precisely 0. ... in real terms.' ... Contrary to what the talking heads are saying, markets are not out of control, central banks are out of control printing money. ... Eventually there will be war and one will want physical commodities 'not paper from UBS or JP Morgan.' ... 'Mugabe is the economic mentor of Ben Bernanke.' ... Sovereign credits in the Western world are all bankrupt, but before bankruptcy governments will print money. ... If deficits didn't matter as many like the Economist James Galbraith argue today, why should citizens even pay taxes?," my emphasis, Andrew Mellon at Big Government, 23 May 2010, link:

I agree with Faber. Apparently the notion that he's Zimbabwe Ben is getting around. Why pay taxes indeed?

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Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe Ben... the wheelbarrow man...

Soon enough the bond markets will have had enough and they'll want more BenBucks to loan capital to the nation.

Gonna be a big mess.