Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wait Listed By Jail-16

"In one of the nation's most violent cities, officers are trying a new strategy. Baltimore police officers are focusing on violent offenders with guns rather than trying to lock up every person who commits a minor crime like using drugs. ... The number of arrest has declined in the past two years. Yet homicides and shootings are down, too--to totals not seen since the late 1980s. ... Experts and other police leaders don't see [Frederick] Bealefeld as an innovator, exactly, but he's notable for his focus on guns. 'I'm not trying to win the drug war,' Bealefeld said. 'I'm out to win the war on violence and deal effectively with violence.' ... The drop in shootings means city prosecutors are getting fewer guns cases, but also better ones", Ben Nuckols at the Houston Chronicle, 16 May 2010, link:

As police budgets get strained, the drug war will implode. Be patient.

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