Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Law?

"The Supreme Court on Monday ended the practice of sentencing juveniles to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for crimes short of homicide, the latest in a series of milestone decisions in which Justice Anthony Kennedy and four liberals have joined to set constitutional curbs on punishment. ... 'Life in prison without the possibility of parole gives no chance for fulfillment outside the prison walls, no chance for reconciliation with society, no hope,' Justice Kennedy wrote. ... Justice Clarence Thomas dissented, joined in full or in part by Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito. Justice Thomas said the majority reached 'far beyond any cogizable constitutional principle ... to ensure that its own sense of morality and retributive justice pre-empts that of the people and their representatives'," Jess Bravin at the WSJ, 18 May 2010, link:

I agree with Thomas. "Life in prison" no matter the period, "gives no chance for fulfillment outside the prison walls" during the period. So? This sounds tautological to me. You too can be a Supreme.


Anonymous said...


Where are the dividing lines?

Ergo why the composition of the Supreme Court is so important.

Ubu said...

17 year old with multiple rape, assault, robbery and mayhem, a murder waiting to happen, young, violent and dangerous. A rap sheep 5 pages long. The people demand he get sent away forever, probably 2 years late, as the judges have been giving him a another chance over and over. Now some big baby in robes blabbers on about morality at a long distance, and, out of thin air, requires rehabilitation?

Day is coming when justice is settled on the spot, with a gun and a rope; don't want the SOB slithering through the cocktail party sympathy set, the same idiots Tom Wolfe lambasted in "Radical Chic" decades ago.

Get a posse, primarily kin, take care of business when required, say nothing, offer nothing; loyalty to the posse is everything. Scare everyone else into silence; offer certain retribution to evildoers. Sounds like the mafia all over again.