Friday, July 2, 2010

Texas Schools Pass Stress Tests!

"Even with such low standards, the Texas Education Agency decided to rate hundreds of Texas schools and scores of Texas districts as 'academically acceptable' last year--the lowest 'passing' catagory--by counting thousands of students who flunked the TAKS as passing it. ... For example, TEA reported that statewide the number of 'exemplary' campuses, the highest rating, more than doubled from 1,000 in 2008 to 2,158 in 2009. But without the statistical projections that some failing students would later pass, the increase would have been only 44 campuses. ... [Scott] Hochberg said the new system is disturbing not only because of the large number of schools that are receiving upgraded ratings under it, but also because of the statistical formula itself. ... 'But they're not doing that,' [Hochberg] said.'If you're projected going up, you're counted as passing. But if you're projected going down, you're not counted as not passing'," Rick Casey at the Houston Chronicle, 20 June 2010, link:

Stress tests for Texas! Financial engineering for schools! I had noticed more schools with signs indicating they were exemplary. Yeah, sure. Accept no government statistic at face value.