Monday, July 30, 2007

Henry Kissinger

Max Boot criticizes Henry Kissinger for his role in settling the Vietnam War, Houston Chronicle, 29 July. Boot asks, "How seriously should we take [Kissinger]? ... Only in Kissinger's own telling was his Vietnam diplomacy a great triumph. ... Kissinger informed Chou that the communists could have Saigon as long as they didn't humiliate the Americans on the way out. ... There is a lesson for the present day: Skilled diplomacy can consolidate the results of military sucess but can seldom make up for its lack".

Wow! Did Boot read Clausewitz, On War, written about 200 years ago? Clausewitz wrote, "war is diplomacy by other means", or something like that. I disagree with Boot, the model for Iraq is not Korea. Boot is too America-centric. Boot should look to the French experience in Algeria for a model for Iraq. Sharia is coming to Iraq and al-Maliki is Ahmed Ben Bella. I'm sure Bush and Rice would ask "Ahmed who? Algeria what"?

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