Friday, August 3, 2007

The Law Is An Ass

"Mashburn and Corneilson ... were arrested in February after being observed in the vestibule, swatting girls on the butt. Butt-swatting had apparently become a form of greeting at the school--like a 'handshake we do', as one female student put it. On 'Slap Butt Fridays' boys and girls would greet each other with a cheery application of manual friction to the posterior, akin to a Masonic greeting", Mark Steyn in the Orange County Register, 28 July.

Imagine, for this the two boys were charged with felony sexual abuse and spent five days in jail. It's not for nothing more and more people have contempt for the law, it's a joke. Who does District Attorney Berry in Oregon think he is prosecuting this "crime"? Mike Nifong! Berry is in the running for my 2007 "Nifong", which is my award for the most ridiculous prosecution.

Dennis Prager, talk show host, invited Berry to defend his decision to prosecute the boys. Nifong, excuse me, Berry, declined Prager's invitation.

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