Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blog Readability

I came across, "Blog Readability Test" in my internet ramblings. Out of curiosity of what it was I ran it on Skeptical CPA and the blogs it links to with these results:

American Thinker, Genius H
Asia Times, Genius
Becker-Posner, Genius
Gene Expression, High School WTL
George Borjas, College-Undergrad
Intellectual Conservative, College-Undergrad
Lew Rockwell, Elementary School WTL
Ludwig Von Mises, High School L
Overcoming Bias, College-Postgrad
Real Clear Politics, High School
TCS Daily, College-Undergrad
Townhall, High School
V Dare, High School
Calculated Risk, College-Undergrad
Doctor Housing Bubble, Junior High School
Financial Sense, College-Undergrad
Gold Eagle, Junior High School L
Kitco, Elementary School WTL
Naked Capitalism, College-Undergrad
Prudent Bear, Genius H
Re: The Auditors, College-Undergrad
RGE Monitor, Genius
The Gold Bug, Junior High School L
W.C. Varones, College-Postgrad

Skeptical CPA, College-Postgrad

I was surprised with how well the algorithim this website uses to acess readability agrees with my opinions. 68% or 17 of 25 results I agreed with; finding: 3, too low, signified by L, 2 too high, signified by H and 3, way too low, signified by WTL. I believe Gene Expression has the highest required education level of any blog I follow. Overall, a good job by blog readability test.


W.C. Varones said...

Does a little toilet humor downgrade the rating?

Independent Accountant said...

I have no idea.