Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bring Back the War Department

"Al Qaeda's suicide bombers and assorted gunslingers are not individual al Qaeda terrorists, inspired by Osama bin Laden, that have highjacked a religion. Like it or not, the West is fighting a religion 'that arose in enraged reaction to the West,' writes Fergus Kerr in '20th Century Catholic Theologians.' ... Religion generates certainty, which breeds intolerance, which ignites conflict. ... But there's a slight impediment: The last four CENTCOM commanders, including Tony Zinni and Arabic-speaking John Abizaid, said any bombing of Iran, would push 320 million Arabs into the camp of radical Islam and produce an unitigated geopolitical disaster for the United States. This, they believe, would also push a moderate Iraqi government into the arms of a 'martyred' Iran coupled with a demand that U.S. forces hightail it home", Arnaud de Borchgrave at, 18 November.

The Abrahamic, monotheistic religions, particularly breed intolerance. When the Prophet (PBUH) entered Mecca in 622 AD, he found the Meccans worshipped 360 gods at the Kaaba. The Meccans invited him to add Allah as god 361, but he declined and demanded the Meccans give up their 360 gods. The Meccans told the Prophet (PBUH), "get lost". He did.

As to our CENTCOM commanders, I don't care what these politically correct cowards think. During WWII, the last large war we won, having won "wars" like Grenada since, we didn't worry about pushing 80 million Germans and 100 million Japanese into the camp of "radical Nazism"and "Japanese imperialism". We bombed and bombed and killed and killed. By WWII's end 6.9 million Germans were dead and 2.2 million Japanese. We followed George Patton's, "It is the job of the United States Army to kill people and break things". What don't our Defense Department generals understand? As William Sherman said in his famous "War is Hell" speech, 19 June 1879, "There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell". Our generals are to make war hell for our enemies. A real expert on Islam, OBL said on 13 December 2001, "When people see a strong horse and weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse". The way for the US to win the Arabs' favor is to treat them as they treat each other. This may offend Western sensibilities, but that's how I see it.

What "moderate Iraqi government" are the generals talking about? Iraq is now a suzerainity of Iran. I opposed invading Iraq because Iraq is 55-60% Shiite and I expected Iraq to follow Algeria's example, 1955-63, with "one vote, one time" and elect a Iran-friendly, sharia-following government. That happened. As to a "demand that U.S. forces hightail it home", we should tell the Iraqis, "Nuts" as General Tony McAuliffe told the German commander demanding he surrender on 22 December 1944 at the battle of Bastogne. See Have we a McAuliffe today? Now that we are in Iraq we should use our presence for the only thing it is good for: destroying Iran's nuclear facilities.

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