Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Grand Jury Abuse

"The lawyer for Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina asked a judge Friday to sanction two grand jurors for discussing their secret proceedings, saying the two men brought about the indictment of Medina and his wife to embarass [DA] Chuck Rosenthal ... But in October, the fire marshall's lead investigator on the case described the blaze as 'very suspicious' and told the Chronicle that a dog detected an accelerant at the scene", Houston Chronicle, 19 January 2008.

This case looks worse every minute. It appears a corrupt DA squashed an indictment to protect a powerful judge despite there being substantial evidence the judge and his wife committed a crime. All you need to sustain an indictment is "reasonable or probable cause". I see plenty of it. I would not trust anything done by any judge, prosecutor or police agency in this case from here on out. Let's see if Judge Jim Wallace calls in the Texas Rangers to investigate the DA's office for obstructing justice.

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