Friday, February 22, 2008

General McCain's War

"I should restate that--most of us in the West are terrified to exercise our freedom to voice our disdain of an ugly and vicious ideology because it has been ordained from on high that voicing such sentiments would constitute a breach of the rights of those who treat us with contempt . But is McCain proposing anything that may reverse these humilations? Of course not. He is simply incapable of recognizing that we are fighting Islam, in our own countries, and in the rest of the world. Instead, he wants to sacrifice more American lives to sustain and promote the Islamic countries we have already established in Iraq and Afghanistan. ... Well, I have news for McCain. If what I experience over here is any indication of the 'success' of the mission, then we have already lost. As my experience flying from Paris to Washington demonstrates, I already have to prostrate myself before the greater sensitivites of Islamic ideology. ... [McCain] claims, again like Bush, that the central battleground of the War in Terror is Iraq and Afghanistan. ... It seems not to have occurred to either that perhaps our entanglement in Iraq and Afghanistan is precisely what bin Laden wants. ... The logic seems to be that [bin Laden's] ... communcations reveal bin Laden's personal assessment, they must be true. It hasn't occurred to these great leaders that bin Laden wants his followers to believe that these wars are fundamental to his cause because it suits him. ... Well, we have already conceded Islamic States in the countries we have 'liberated'--Iraq and Afghanistan. That is a victory for Islam. ... So why embroil themselves in these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? ... It's because it is where they intend, and are succeeding, in sapping our strength--mentally, physcially, and financially. ... And what is amiss here is military acumen--and vision. ... I am not surprised by this stupidity since [McCain] refuses to even acknowledge our enemy. When you refuse to acknowledge the enemy for fear of offending people, by definition, you cannot know whether you are triumphing over the enemy. ... But in the case of our Islamic enemies, the one thing we can be sure of is that they will never weary of their cause, because for them their cause is God's cause. ... And at the moment we are playing their game. ... We are simply giving them the opportunity to deplete our resolve and resources. Yet, the likes of McCain think that playing to their tune is somehow a strategy for victory. ... And when Churchill did finally come in from the cold to take control, he did not play nice to our enemies. Germany had to be crushed--not the 'bad,' or the 'moderately bad' Germans, but all the Germans. They had to be shown that their ideology which had brought catastrophe on civilization would not be tolerated, and would be destroyed--once and for all. ... They decide when to engage in battle, and when to lie low. We simply react. ... And when McCain is prepared to sacrifice our own innocent men, women and children for fear of breaching some naive Convention designed by a bunch of arm-chair warriors, then he is simply not fit to baby-sit my children, never mind lead the free world. ... Getting bogged down in the 'trenches' of Iraq and Afghanistan is a recipe for disaster, not victory", my emphasis, Joseph McMillian (JM) at, 13 February 2008.

Amen, JM. Our "War on Terror" is a joke. Without an enemy, there is no war. Who or what is it? We destroyed Germany and Japan, before rebuilding those countries. What will be today's equivalent of the Russians invading Berlin and McArthur's taking the Japanese surrender on the Missouri? Who would sign the surrender documents? Our involvment in Iraq and Afghanistan is right out of Uncle Remus. It is the military equivalent of the briar patch's "tar baby". da more you grab it, da more it grabs you.

These idiots don't understand, or don't seem to understand the importance of disinformation campaigns. Disinformation is integral to Islamic warfare, i.e., it's called takiwa. "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not", Koran 2:216, Yusuf Ali translation. bin Laden can easily support his positions Islamically.


Buzz Saw said...

If I'm reading you right I think we may both oppose the war for different reasons. In any case I am glad you have lined up against it.

Independent Accountant said...

Buzz Saw:
If interested, read my 30 July and 20 November 2007 and 25 January, 29 January and 6 February 2008 posts. They should explain why I opposed our Iraq war from the outset.