Saturday, February 23, 2008

Harris County Justice

"Six members of a Harris County grand jury who indicted Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife on charges stemming from the fire that destroyed their Spring home filed a lawsuit to talk about the evidence that they saw before handing up the indictments. Jeffrey Dorrell, an attorney who was the assistant foreman of the grand jury, filed the lawsuit on behalf of the members who want to tell a new grand jury about the evidence they heard behind closed doors. They also want to defend themselves against accusations that they were part of a 'runaway grand jury,' Dorrell said. ... "The other members of the grand jury felt that our grand jury had been abused and insulted by both the [DA's] office and the defense attorneys in the case, ' Dorrell said. .. Assistant [DA] Vic Wisner has repeatedly said he continues to investigate the circusmtances of the fire to amass enough evidence to win a case. ... Dorrell disagreed that Wisner and the [DA's] office would adequately investigate the case. 'If he wouldn't do the investigation that we told him to while we were authorized and empowered to issue those orders, I don't know why he would do it now,' Dorrell said. 'To be blunt, we don't believe him'," Houston Chronicle, 14 February 2008.

I don't believe Wisner either. Another potential miscarriage of justice is brewing. If Medina is so rough and tough and innocent, he should authorize what Dorell wants. Alternatively, he should resign from the bench. As for Wisner, who does he think he is? Mike Nifong.

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