Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rivers of Blood, 40 Years Hence

"Violence is oozing through the cracks of European society like pus out of a broken scab. Just when liberal opinion congratulated itself that Europe had foresaken its violent past, the specter of civil violence has the continent terrified. ... Not since [WWII] has British opinion been provoked to the present level of outrage. ... Matthew d'Ancona, quoted former Conservative parliamentarian Enoch Powell's warning that concessions to alien cultures would cause 'rivers of blood' to flow in the streets of England. Times columnist Minetter Marin accuses the archbishop of treason. Coercion in the Muslim communities of Europe is so commonplace that duly-constituted governments there no longer wield a monopoly of violence. Behind the law there stands the right of the state to inflict violence, and the legitimacy of states rests on what German political economist and sociologist Max Weber once called 'the monopoly of violence'. ... By proposing to concede a permanent role to extralegal violence in the political life of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury pushed his phelgmatic countrymen over the edge. No one is better than the British at pretending that problems aren't really there, but once their spiritual leader admits to an alien source of coercion and proposes to legitimize it, they understood that a limit had been reached. ... Europe's governments refuse to rule, that is, refuse to enforce their own laws because they fear violence on the part of Muslim immigrant communities who refuse to accept these laws... If [Europe's] duly-constituted governments abandon their monopoly of violence to self-appointed religious leaders, the likelihood is that a river of blood will flow, just as Powell warned in 1968", my emphasis, Spengler at, 11 February 2008.

I love Spengler, whoever he is. I remember Enoch Powell's April 1968 "Rivers of Blood" speech. You may read it at The state is: violence, the opinions of many law, political science and philosophy professors to the contrary. A state which refuses to use violence to enforce its laws or defend itself against other states, ceases to be a state. Like Europeans exempting their Moslem communities from Europe's laws, our illegal aliens will push the US into a civil war or have the US break up like Yugoslavia did. Be patient, chaos is coming right here to "River City".

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