Saturday, January 31, 2009

The SDNY's Lazarus

"When the [US] attorney in Manhattan resigned last month, his deputy, Lev. L. Dassin, was named to fill the job until President-elect Barack Obama takes office and chooses a replacement. That could make Mr. Dassin's tenure very short. ... If anything, the office seems busier than it was before he took over, lawyes say. 'They're always moving,' said Michael J. Garcia, the former [US] attorney whom Mr. Dassin succeeded. 'I think for Lev, the train speeds up'. ... So far, Mr. Dassin has stayed largely out of public view, speaking mostly through his prosecutors in court, as he did recently when his office asked a judge to revoke Mr. Madoff's $10 million bail, but was turned down on Monday. Mr. Dassin declined to grant an interview for this article, although his office answered biographical questions. ... Dassin graduated with a degree in English literature from Cornell, and he received his law degree from New York University. He joined the prosecutor's office in 1992, just a few months before the Feb. 26, 1993, bombing of the World Trade Center. ... Although Mr. Dassin was known primarily for his terrorism trials, his prosecution of a lawyer unexpectedly thrust him into the public light. The lawyer, Harvey Weinig, pleaded guilty in 1995 to being a member of a conspiracy that laundered $19 million in drug sales, money the authorities said was wired oveseas and ended up in the hands of Columbian drug traffickers. ... 'The prosecution of Harvey Weinig, probably more than most cases, sent a message that the law applies equally to everyone, regardless of their wealth, status and influence, he said. 'I think that President Clinton's actions perverted that message.' Mr. Dassin later became a partner at the law firm, Kaye Scholer and taught a Columbia Law School class with Judge Michael B. Mukasey, now the [US] attorney general. Mr. Dassin rejoined the prosecutor's office in 2005, under Mr. Garcia, first as chief of the criminal division, and later as his deputy", my emphasis, Benjamin Weiser, 13 January 2009 at

Mary Jo White (MJW), New York's "ping-pong ball" Fed, is reincarnated in pants! The SDNY US attorney's office, NY BigLaw and back again, see my 22 November 2008 post: With billions of Wall Street money drowning Manhattan, the SDNY US attorney's office is likely the US's most corrupt prosecutorial agency, maybe the world's. When Dassin regularly indicts NY BigLaw partners when their clients are indicted for say, $1 billion frauds, I may take his, "the law applies equally to everyone" seriously. Probably not even then. Dassin, how stupid do you think we are?

Kaye Schoeler, we know them, see my 25 June and 8 August 2008 posts:, This self-righteous clown makes me sick. When Dassin's name strikes terror in the hearts of: Fuld, Blankfein, Rubin, Pandit, et. al. and NY BigLaw, I'll reconsider my opinion. Weinig was a nobody who got an 11-year sentence, apparently at MJW's request, who else? What's $19 million anyway? Weinig's real crime: he had nothing to sell MJW. Compare Weinig's fate to Siemens, my 31 December 2008 post:

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Lev. L. Dassin = "Mary Jo White (MJW), New York's "ping-pong ball" Fed, is reincarnated in pants!"