Friday, March 20, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Michael Panzner has a 6 March 2009 post at his Financial Armageddon everyone should read. Here's a link: This is what America is coming to: 1780s France. Hundreds of billions for the bankers and nothing for the peasants. Ready that CNC guillotine and set it to work in Manhattan and Washington, DC. In 1790 France seized church lands. Instead of divesting Wall Street of its ill-gotten gains, we despoil savers to Wall Street's benefit. Paraphrasing SDS chants of the late 1960s, "All power to the formerly working class, up the ass of the banker class". Today's world is so topsy-turvy, that Obama, nominally a liberal is protecting the banker, rentier class. Czar Putin redbaited Obama, see my 13 February 2009 post: We are living on the other side of the looking glass!