Monday, April 13, 2009

No Two-State Solution

"In 1920, Great Britain [GB] was given the responsibility by the League of Nations to oversee the Mandate over the geographical territory known as Palestine with the express intention of reconstituting within its territory a Jewish National Home. ... At first the sudden addition of this article [25] was not a cause for alarm but gradually it became apparent that its inclusion directly enabled [GB] in 1921 to tear away all the territory of geographical Palestine, east of the River Jordan, and give it to the Arab Hashemite family, the territory to become Trans-Jordan and led by the emir Abudullah. ... This was the first partition of Palestine and created a brand new entity 87 years ago, covering some 35,000 square miles or nearly four-fifths of the geographical territory of Palestine. Immediately Jewish residence in the territory was forbidden and it became in effect judenrein--the German term for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from a territory. ... Shortly after, in 1923, the British and French colonial powers also divided up the northern part of the Palestine Mandate. Britain stripped away the Golan Heights (ancient biblical Bashan) and gave it to French occupied Syria. ... During its administration up until 1947, Britain severely restricted Jewish immigration and purchases of land while turning a blind eye to massive illegal Arab immigration into the territory from neighboring Arab states. ... But the Arab League, meeting in Khartoum in August, 1967, delivered the infamous three No's: No peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel. ... The fact is that this is not a dispute over borders; this is religious war and the Arabs, so long as the overwhelming majority remain Muslim, will never accept the existence of a non-Muslim state in territory previously conquered in the name of Allah--whatever the size and shape of its borders", my emphasis, Victor Sharpe (VS), 29 March 2009 at

Whenever I read of a "two-state" solution to the "Palestinian-Israeli" dispute, I know the author is an ignoramus or Arab stooge. VS is correct, disagreeing with Jordan's Queen Noor (QN), about the area's history. I last mentioned QN on 26 December 2008: In 1920 GB got control of a 35,000 square miles of territory from the Mediterranean Sea past the Jordan River. GB was charged with creating a Jewish state in this area. In 1920, GB created Trans-Jordan on 26,000 square miles of the Mandate. Jordan is the Arab state. VS is correct, Moslems have a "Brezhnev Doctrine", once an area is Moslem controlled, it must always be Moslem controlled, as Spain is learning. See my 13 December 2008 post about the Brezhnev Doctrine, link: Moslems complain of the "Tragedy of the Andalus". Which is? Queen Isabella's 1492 expulsion of Moslems from Spain! I again applaud Hamas for its honesty. Hamas has stated repeatedly, it will not rest as long as Israel controls "one square meter" of the "land between the River and the Sea". There is no "peace" treaty the Arabs will honor with Israel over the long run. The most they can agree to is a ten-year hudna. Wake up. Secularized Americans cannot believe this is a religious war. Believe what you want. That's what I believe.

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