Friday, September 18, 2009

Infantile Populations

"Manfred, who blogs at 'Manfreds politische Korrektheiten', has translated one of his own posts--originally published in German as 'Mutter Staat'--which describes the actions of the modern welfare state as the infantilization of an entire populace. ... 'I propose to conceptualize as 'feminization' the mentality change that spread all over the West during the second half of the twentieth century, leading to an equivalent change of political ideology. ... The state, as leftists imagine it, is a gigantic mother's breast. A destructed and de-differentiated society--the core of the left-wing project--resembles an unstructured and undifferentiated brain of a baby'," Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna, 23 August 2009, link:

Here. Here. Has POTUS Obama the "undifferentiated brain of a baby"?

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