Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama's Philosopher King

"Ezekiel Emanuel [EE] is upset. The president's health care czar sees the growing resistance to his vision, to his brave new world of government-run 'communitarian' health care in which politicians and bureaucrats control one-sixth of the economy and 100% of our bodies. He doesn't quite understand how it all came apart on him, but he does know who started the unraveling: Sarah Palin. ... And he wonders, as have so many others, what it takes to put a stake through her heart? People should listen to him, not Sarah Palin. He is the philosopher king of Democratic health care. And he went to Harvard, you know. ... He has a medical degree and a doctorate in political philosophy from Harvard. The only Harvard she knows is the chunk of ice off Prince William Sound, Harvard Glacier. ... She cut through the rhetoric, the academic jargon, and adoring press to the truth: [EE] and Barack Obama and the Democrat-led Congress are putting in place a health care system that will control the lives--and deaths--of citizens to an extent never seen in this republic. ... It's as if the waitress at the Harvard Faculty Club had, instead of a check, taken out a baseball bat and cold-cocked him. ... This is not supposed to happen--he went to Harvard, you know", Stuart Schwartz (SS) at American Thinker, 2 September 2009, link:

Way to go SS. Way to go Sarah. This story shows the failure of America's farm support policy. Huh? Looking at EE, Philosopher King, I think we should subsidize the production of hemlock.


Anonymous said...

I've had three family members that the "medical establishment" have milked to great profit as they "prolonged" their lives.

When hospice finally came in one case the subject of imminent death was finally discussed for a person whose disease state had 99.1% morbidity and had lived several months beyond the projected expectancy.

What a relief for the family to openly share an understanding of the coming events... the lack of interest in food and liquids, the deep sleeping, the reduced and shallow breathing... the edema... all the cruel bits of the physical being flying apart and the soul loosening its hold on the firmament.

And hospice chased back my loved one's pain and helped create a serenity to the passing that never would been achieved in a hospital.

If this is what "death panels" mean to share with people bless them... bless their honesty in opening understanding to the last great mystery... the mystery of our passing... all the mechanized sophistication in hospitals today can't hold that back...

What an enormous pity that this discussion about the health of our nation has devolved to cliched old slogans... the discussion deflects our understanding from the true state of our health... and the underlying causes...

The nation unravels as our politicians score points against each other... fight on noble leaders...

Blissex said...

The discussion above sounds completely insane to me, as in utterly delirious. There are several countries with various degrees of socialized medicine, like Canada, the UK, France, Germany, not small and irrelevant places, and they don't seem to have descended into the road to serfdom that much.

Conversely employer provided healthcare accounts deliver USA workers into a mindlessly ferocious bureaucracy whenever they fall ill.

The mindlessly ferocious bureaucracy of the health insurers and HMOs decide who lives and dies, except for the very rich, according to mysterious unpublished rules as what treatments are covered and which are not.