Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Ain't Mao's China

"People in North America and Europe are used to seeing plenty of advertisements for gold and silver--from opportuniastas urging people to get rid of their 'useless' gold and silver for cash! Clearly this is a bullish indicator for the market, as these companies wouldn't be spending large amounts of advertising dollars to hype 'scrap' sales, and then even more money buying the metals if they didn't see the opportunity for big profits. ... The big difference here is that it is China's government which is advertising the 'opportunities' in gold and silver, and it is urging the chinese people to buy gold and silver. ... It is only in the last three years that the Chinese government significantly relaxed the rules for precious metals buying for its citizens. ... It is also clear that China is literally 'putting its money where its mouth is.' ... China has been accumulating gold surreptitiously. ... A plunge in the US dollar to its real value (somewhere not far abouve zero) would unleash crippling inflation in the US (if not actual hyperinflation) while a rise in borrowing costs would strangle its cripplied economy", original italics, Jeff Nielson at Gold Eagle, 3 September 2009, link:

"Chinese farmers are getting higher rents for their land and increasingly renting it out for longer, a new survey says, in a trend that is enlarging the market for farmland and transforming the rural economy. ... The rise in world prices for farm produce accounts for some of the rental increase, the [Rural Development] institute says. ... The institute says the average rent, extrapolated over a standard 30-year tenure, implies that the combined market value of all China's farmland could be around $1.2 trillion", Andrew Baston at the WSJ, 17 September 2009, link:

I see no way the US dollar can remain the world's "reserve currency". Go China. Buying gold is good, not just for Chinese citizens, but Americans.

Private land "ownership in China"? What does the Chairman think about this?

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Everything reverts to the mean.