Monday, February 8, 2010

Blackwater's Black Hats-2

"The scandal is that the [DOJ's] case against five former security guards for the military contractor unravelled late last week in what appears to be another instance of gross prosecutorial misconduct, as abusive Justice lawyers went after an unsympathetic political target. ... Because of prior contact with the compelled statements, the [DOJ's] entire criminal division had recused itself from the case, which was handed over to national-security prosecutors and later to Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Kenneth Kohl. ... The judge goes on to say that Justice's 'inconsistent, extraordinary explanations' for its conduct 'smack of post hoc rationalization and are simply implusible,' and ultimately 'lacking in credibility.' ... Something is rotten in the culture of Justice, leading ambitious government crusaders to think they can get away with flouting due process when the political winds are blowing hot", WSJ editorial, 4 January 2010:

The DOJ prosecutors must have thought they were operating under Iraqi criminal procedure. They apparently didn't realize they are still in the US. This case stank.


Tax & Business Consultant said...

Nice article, but isn't it always the case. People like these always find loopholes in our system and get away. The only think that works for sure in my opinion is having a clear conscious.

Anonymous said...

Simple rules. Clearly enforced.

Justice -- the Guardian of Liberty.

Even for mercenary thugs like Blackwater.