Friday, February 19, 2010

On Elites

"In 1995 Christopher Lasch came out with The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy. The introduction was titled 'The Democratic Malaise' and included chapters like 'Does Democracy Deserve to Survive?' and 'The Lost Art of Argument.' The threat to our civilization, said Lasch, does not come from the masses. The threat comes from the elite. ... Those of us who are not part of the elite's fashionable revoluton are 'racist, sexist and homophobic.' We are fit objects for extermination or re-education because, in the end, we just don't get it. 'Simultaneously arrogant and insecure,' wrote Lasch, 'the new elites, the professional classes in particular, regard the masses with mingled scorn and apprehension. In the [US], 'Middle America'--a term that has both geographical and social implications--has come to symbolize everything that stands in the way of progress: "family values," mindless patriotism, religious fundamentalism, racism. ...' According to Lasch, there are far worse problems facing America than racism: 'the crisis of competence; the spread of apathy and a suffocating cynicism; the moral paralysis of those who value 'openess' above all.' Lasch saw an intellectual softening underway. ... The information revolution, he said, has not raised the level of public intelligence. It is no secret, he continued, 'that the public knows less about public affairs than it used to know.' ... In terms of a general incompetence for living (1) It may be said that people are no longer literate. ... What is shocking to discover, however, is that all of these things have been encouraged by the purveyors of (2) the would-be managers of society who rail against the market, against fatherhood, against punishment and discipline, and against the necessities of war. 'A lust for immediate gratification pervades American society from top to bottom,' noted Lasch. 'There is a universal concern with the self--with 'self-fulfillment' and more recently 'self-esteem,' slogans of a society incapable of generating a cense of civic obligation.' ... In CS Lewis's The Weight of Glory we find a chapter titled 'Why I Am Not a Pacifist.' In this chapter Lewis wrote that pacifism consists 'In assuming that the great permament miseries in human life must be curable if only we can find the right cure.' Here in America we have an elite that is pathologically imbued with finding the right cure. ... Today's elite does not possess intellectual excellence. Arguably, they do not know what excellence is, because their whole education has come out of third-rate minds--or worse. ... As Lasch correcly noted, 'History has given way to an infantilized verison of sociology, in obedience to the misconceived principle that the quickest way to engage chldren's attention is to dwell on what is closest to home: their families, their neighborhoods; the local industries; the technologies on which they depend. ... It is not that President Bush was incompetent in manging the war in Iraq. The entire elite was incompetent, and Bush made this discovery, and was forced into a position of sorting out a mess caused by his underlings (and by himsef)", Jeffrey Nyquist at Financial Sense, 15 January 2010, link:

"There is, yet again, something very Romanesque about the state of the Americans, their empire and their collapse. As the US continues to sink in its co-UK created economic armageddon, the ruling regime enjoys the fruits of its labor and swindling. This is the great 'Democracy' they sell us, overseas. ... Sure, reading the official Ministry of Propaganda (so called free press) reports showed only a mere another 85,000 Americans as losing jobs, or rather the work force shrinking by that amount, so it takes the UK Telegraph (America slides deeper into recession as Wall Street revels) to report the real situation, that 650,000 unemployed were moved into a category named 'No Longer Searching For Jobs.' ... After all, judging by the headlines out of DC, for the Haitians there is money, for their own unemployed, shelters and bread lines. This category has been growing by nearly half a million every month for the last year. ... Equally, the evils of Wall Street, the pack of hyenas, the cabal of withces who brought us the lovely Soviet Revolution, the Great Depression, the Nazi takeover, the rape of post Soviet Russia, the Asian Flu ... are now paying themselves $146 BILLION in bonuses, 8% more than the 2007 record, after stealing $700 BILLION from the American tax serfs. through bought and paid for farce of their so called 'Democracy.' That is some 20,000 people will be splitting $146 BILLION, or an average of $7.3 million each, for the people who are still laughing at all the Luciferian death and misery they caused by starting the lovely Great Depression II. But best of all, it has not been brought out that the Obama Regime, much like Nero or Caligula, has been partying hard, with over 170 parties, receptions and big dinners, entertaiing over 50,000 guests, flying in speciality chefs from around the world, all in this one year of power. That is, one party every two days. And the American serfs? They just bare [sic] it, grumble and pay their taxes, it is what they have been trained for", Stanislav Mishin & Mat Rodina (M&R) at Pravda, 26 January 2010, link:

"We do not expect or want elitists and moral supremacists who believe that they know so much more about justice, the market, and how we should live. In his recent book Intellectuals and Society, Thomas Sowell explains how the 'anointed' believe that their advanced education and depth of knowledge in one filed automatically makes them an authority on any field in which they wield an opinion. Thus Noam Chomsky, a noted scholar in linguistics, has written dozens of books condeming America's and Israel's foreign policy with only the illusion of authority. Sowell further explains that the most educated among us know only the smallest fraction of what is to be known. That these highly educated people may know so much more than any one of us does not mean that they know a fraction as much as do all of us. ... When prices a re-determined by central planning or anointed experts, shortages and gluts appear. ... Yet we often see intellectuals commit major logical errors even in the fields where they do have expertise. ... Even the brilliant Ben Bernanke, the most noted modern scholar on the Great Depression of 1929, stood before audiences only a few years ago and explained that the effect of subprime loans would be limited and that the financial system was sound", Henry Oliner at American Thinker, 30 January 2010, link:

Iraq has been a disaster. We lost. Iran won. Why? Watching Mr. Affirmative Action act as president may yield one good thing: discreding the Ivy League as a source of future presidents. More and more people can see "He" was pushed along despite his mediocre intellect, disagreeing with Michael Beschloss, who on 11 November 2008 said Obama's IQ is "off the charts". I doubt it's over 125. The Left is amazing. IQ bad except if you want to execute someone, then if it's below 70, good. I doubt Obama is anymore intelligent than George Bush II. Really!

Disagreeing with M&R, the Obamites look more like 1785's Bourbons. I await Michelle in a $3,000 dress, announcing, "Let them eat cake" as she serves Hors D'ouevres to Lloyd Antoinette Blankfein. The Obama Administration is a joke.

Amazing. Stalin couldn't run the Soviet economy with central planning. Why does the US need centrally planned interest rates? Kill the Fed. Our elites know less than they think.


darkcloud said...

Great post, IA, as always.

I do think Obama has "the edge" over Bush II in intelligence, though, because there is something to be said for the ability (or lack thereof) of an individual to be able to think - and then speak - in nondisjointed, nonfragmented thoughts and complete sentences. This is an ability Obama has and Bush II does not.

That being said, I seriously believe Bush II has ADD/ADHD, and/or mental defect from alcohol and/or drug use.

Anonymous said...


Yes... I think Mr. Obama's intelligence is over-rated... he's telegenic more than anything.

The nation will not be cheer lead out of this depression. Too much plunder has occurred...

Pres-O is a puppet. Sorry to say it. It's a pity.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the skeptical CPA because I have no idea what he is talking about or any understanding of the extracts. Its like a crossword puzzle, something I am also not good at. Every now and then I take a stab at them but finally throw up my hands. Yet I admire those who can decipher such things.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the comment by anonymous that admires those that can decipher Skeptical CPA's comments is being facetious. Anyway, we all know how things have turned out with the Fed. I realize this is hypothetical, but I would be interested in someone giving an overview of what the U.S.A. would be like today if the Fed did not exist.

Independent Accountant said...

Anonymous 3:
I wondered about that too.


Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't being facetious. I think it is great that the skeptical CPA tackles topics outside the mainstream. I catch a glimmer now and then from the comments section.

Keep up the good work.