Thursday, February 18, 2010

Affirmative Action White House

"But we have allowed the profoundly irrational liberal media to persuade the American public that we are supposed to pick a US president by affirmative action. Obama was elected to universal Hosannas because he is black. It wasn't a secret. That's why the Left around the world went into ecstacies when Obama ran and got elected. ... We've had a generation of affirmative action agitprop 24/7/365. Hillary Clinton was going to dictate racial and gender preferences for medial school admissions under HillaryCare. You can bet that reverse-racism is all over the 2,200 pages of ObamaCare. It's reverse-racism forever. In America today, comptence is suspect, and incompetence gets all the attention. Yet competence is what keeps us alive. ... It has now been about forty years, and the goal posts have just moved farther and farther Left. Today it's not just blacks--it's women, homosexuals, and illegal aliens. And it's no longer equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome, which was the goal of Communism for seventy years in the Soviet Union, until the whole Soviet Empire collapsed. ... Nobody can point to Obama's anti-terrorist policies and say that's wildly incompetent--without fearing they will be accused of racism. .... Meanwhile, blacks are still suffering from the pervasive social pathology of the inner city--almost all self-inflicted, with the help of the welfare state. Europe shows exactly the same results, except that the victims of welfarism aren't black, but mostly white and Muslim immigrants. ... The guy in the White House today is potentially the most dangerous, mentally fixated, and irresponsible demagogue we have ever known", James Lewis at American Thinker, 28 January 2010, link:

It was always about equality of outcome. Martin Luther King, our secular saint, said whatever he had to to further his goals, knowing 1964 America would not accept explicit quotas. How different things were 52 years ago when Hyman Rickover was a "rock star" and the US pushed "gifted kids" education.

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Anonymous said...

As a conservative I happily supported Barack Obama for president. I did so because I thought his short tenure in Washington (3 years in the Senate) would release him from the "establishment".

I had that fantasy smashed shortly after the election when he nominated Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary... to smoothly take over the thievery begun by Hank Paulson.

Did President-Elect Obama carefully weigh the import of his choice for Treasury Secretary? No... I'm sure he just consulted with his largest campaign contributor Goldman Sachs.

I'm not sure how affirmative action focussed President Obama is...

He sure seems to like white, male Wall Streeters an awful lot.