Monday, May 31, 2010

Eisenhower's Warning

"Whatever your views on financial reform--whether you want the government to crack down on bankers or to disentangle itself from financial markets--you should fear Sen. Chris Dodd's financial reform bill. In 1,300-some pages, all it really does is legislate power to the government for fixes to be named later. ... But it sweeps aside more than two centuries of accumulated wisdom: that checks and balances are essential to markets, and that rules must be known in advance. ... We challenge lawmakers to think of any contract or transaction that doesn't meet that definition--from buying detergent with a money-back guarantee to getting a rain-check at the car wash. ... 'Substantial' and 'significant' are never defined. The bill does not say whether they are to be measured relative to the golbal economy, or the financial positions of you and your counterparty, or for that matter to the average humidity of a mid-summer afternoon in Cleveland. All of this is to be named later. ... Regulators will likely start off reasonably. ... And because they have unlimited power to set rules they will be able to outlaw practices as they see fit. This will encourage anyone who loses money for any reason to use political pressure to get redress. ... Regulated institutions will get fat on government-legislated profit, and regulators will look good by getting private firms to throw money at any problem that bothers Congress. People will move back and forth between the private and regulatory sectors. The Dodd bill is perfectly designed to create the largest and most powerful crony system in history. It's not that the people, regulator or regulated, are personally corrupt. It's that the system will select itself for, reward and enforce corruption. ... No regulator can afford to antagonize a potential future employer", my emphasis, Clifford Asness & Aaron Brown (A&B) at the WSJ, 13 May 2010, link:

As Yves Smith says, "feature or bug"? The Dodd Bill is just more of the same. A&B are with AQR Capital Management. "Rules must be known in advance"? Look at: Roth IRAs or Australia's recent proposed new mining tax. Governments have no rules. Disagreeing with A&B, I believe the "system" attracts the personally corrupt. The most corrupt: our (In)Justice Department. Phew! We are drowning in "complexes", military-industrial, teacher-educationalist-social worker, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Another problem with the Dodd/Geithner script is that it assumes regulators can fathom and regulate the complexity of Wall Street.

The only entity which comprehends is the Fed and they never discipline ANYONE.

Wall Street is very happy. They have been left intact and overseen by low paid, poorly informed regulators.