Monday, May 31, 2010

Illegals and the Ottomans

"Throughout history, when an occupying power has wanted to destabilize and destroy a nation, it has settled a foreign people in its midst. The seeds of the Balkan conflict were sown when the Turks planted Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to uproot the Christian Serbs who had long defended the borders of medieval Christendom and had more than once turned back the tide of an expanding Ottoman empire. ... Despite this, Americans did not worry about the massive migration of Mexicans and other third-world immigrants for many years due to their belief in equality and the idea of the American melting pot. Unfortunately, both concepts are complete myths, devoid of any support from logic, history or science. ... There is, quite simply, no such thing as human equality in any material sense. ... As for the myth of the American melting pot, it should suffice to point out that the idea was popularized by a Russian Jew who emigrated to England, never lived in the [US] and was a fervent believer in the cause of establishing a Jewish homeland. ... The reality is that from the mid-17th century to the mid-19th century, the New England states had almost no immigration for 200 years. And it is important to note that when the Irish did finally come to America, they were fewer, more culturally similar, and they came in a more gradual manner from farther away. ... The reality is that America will proceed on one of two paths. The first is to embrace the conflict. If Americans can find the courage to consciously reject the myth of the melting pot and expel the Mexicans from the American Southwest, the Arabs from Detroit and the Somalis from Minneapolis, they can reclaim their traditional white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture. ... White Americans continue to vote with their feet, retreating slowly but continuously before the inexorable wave of migratory expansion. Encouraged by the frailty of American society and the fragility of myth-based American political culture, what are still currently the fringe views of the Aztlan revolutionaries will rapidly become the mainstream opinion of Mexican irredentists in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. ... Only Texas, with its unique and exapnsive view of itself, combined wiht its history of violent conflict with Mexico, is likely to take action over time. ... There is no magic assimilation to replace the ruthless mathematics of demographic transformation. Precisely how the Lincoln-forged Union will fragment cannot be foreseen wth perfect clarity at this point, but as recent events suggest, it should begin in the bellwether states of California and Arizona", Vox Day (VD) at World Net Daily, 10 May 2010, link:

"The Ottomans had an interesting method of assuring political stability. The sprawling empire operated on a system in which 'millets', distinct ethnic and religious groups, were allowed to oversee their own internal affairs while giving absolute loyalty to the sultan and his government. Every now and then a millet would be ordered to pack up and head out for a new home, at times at the opposite end of the imperium, amid new neighbors--sometimes the original residents, sometimes other refugees--of alien origins, ethnicity, and religious belief. ... In short order, the various groups would become so enmeshed in harassing and attacking each other that they could spare no time or energy to defying the staus quo. ... The American left has its own millet system, consisting of ethnic (and other) groups defined in large part by their grievances as victims of America. ... The left prefers Balkanization and permament conflict. ... So how to keep the pot boiling? The answer was to find a new millet--or rather to take advantage of the one next door, of the deperate people fleeing a serial kleptocracy, an uneducated, ignorant, and frightened mass open to all forms of manipulation. ... It explains the insistence that any solution to the immigration problem provide for amnesty and citizenship for the millions of illegal already living within our borders. ... Illegals will become a new protected class, with privileges and entitlements denied the rest of the populace (including, ironically, current members of previous such classes). ... A vast bureaucracy will arise to 'assist' the new citizenry, funded with billions. ... There must be no amnesty. Such an action would simply drop a permanent inassimilable presence in the midst of American society", JR Dunn at the American Thinker, 14 May 2010, link:

I agree with Michael Panzer's interesting 22 May 2010 post at When Giants Fall about Turkey, Iran and nuclear weapons, link:

Yes VD. At the very least, California, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, looks like it will revert to Mexico. Pancho Villa won!

China has a policy to move Han Chinese into Sinkiang province, which was primarily Uighur, to ensure Beijing's control. We permit let illegaal aliens stay in the US, which will likely cause the US to dissolve. Look at the contrasting policies.

Absent a new "Operation Wetback", I expect the US to break up no later than 2040, see my 11 January 2009 post:


Bartender Cabbie said...

excellent perspective. a very good post indeed.

Anonymous said...

Well there could be a new Mexican Repatriation...

Note that economic circumstances drove the exportations... the new AZ law sounds like this too...